Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Owie

We have been practicing standing and Elle has been doing great.  Look at her!  She is using the couch as a little support and can stand like that for 5 minutes or so on a good day.

We were practicing doing this two weeks ago today and unfortunately she took a spill.  Her little feet folded under her and she immediately starting crying and breathing funny.  I thought she broke it and started examining it.  After a few minutes she totally stopped crying and got really happy.  Her little foot felt warmer then the other though, and I was concerned.  Grandpa took a look at it and then daddy came home and took a look at it and everyone examined it and she didn't mind one bit and was super cute and happy.

The next morning, I gave her a bath and then while dressing her, I put her little leg into her overalls and she started crying. Hard.  And long.  In fact, she finally cried herself to sleep.  I gave her some Tylenol and called daddy before she fell asleep.  He cancelled his job for the day and came home.  I called the doctor and got her an appointment, had a job interview, and then we had to wait for Scout to come home.  The foot was hot again, but didn't appear swollen.  We left when Scout arrived and sitting waiting for the doctor, we could see it was red and hot and a little swollen.  The doctor thought we should take her to the hospital to get xrays, but he really didn't think it was broken. 

She got her xrays, and was totally cute about it, but poor little Scout broke down and cried cause she was worried about her sister.  Sweet little thing, Elle is a lucky girl.  She took the xrays like a champ and both girls were rewarded with stickers and we went home.  We were told to give her ibuprofen and we could see it helping the redness and heat quickly and Elle seemed happy.  The problem with her is that her pain recepters are off.  Believe me, I am happy about that on some level, but pain is a good thing, and when you don't feel pain like everyone else, it can be hard to tell when something is wrong.  It makes mom worry.

We got the results back the next morning and it wasn't broken luckily.  Her PT came over and wrapped it for us and it's doing well.  She complains about it still about once a day and I can feel that it is warmer then the other one, but Motrin sets it right.  We are off most physical Therapy though for another week or so, but hopefully we can be back on track soon.  I hate it when she hurts, it is tough to watch.  Mom is not a fan.  She is a sweet little patient though, and is a total trooper and I know that she doesn't miss physical therapy for a second.

Home from the hospital after a long day.


Also...........we are going to be a bit more careful from now on.  Yikes!  Fragile Little Little.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This blanket has been packed away since we moved and this is her first night sleeping with it.  She kept lifting her legs to look at it, so I pulled out the ipod camera.  She did me one better once the camera was out.  Pretty talented moves even when she's oh so tired.

and now..........

(I know you guys are curious)