Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Rett

I got the call from Elle's geneticist yesterday, they finally found something in the latest test.  Our sweet little girl has a "rather unique mutation" of the Rett gene.  So now we know.  The search is over.  Can't say we are surprised, but I am rather shocked at finally having an answer.  We know very little right now, Dr. Carey is arranging a meeting for us with him because he wants to go over these findings in person with us.  We will know more in a couple weeks.  Crazy!

Thanks for all the support and love we have felt from family, friends and strangers.  You all make this journey easier and thank you Elinor, for being the sweetest, brightest little star in our lives.  We couldn't love and adore you more.   We are so grateful for the honor of having you as our daughter, you truly are a special little girl and enrich our lives in ways we never dreamed.