Thursday, October 20, 2011

Third One's a Charm

Elle got her third walking device today and this one is a winner!

It is easy for her to maneuver, it has a handle like thing on the back for me to push her (I was breaking my back pushing her around on her last one), and most importantly- it supports her fully giving her good posture while in it.  She was getting way hunchy in her last one and she wasn't enjoying it.

This time, the moment she was put in it by her PT, she got this gleam in her eye.  You could see right away she was comfortable and happy.  It is really springy and nice, it moves with her body when she makes walking motions to simulate natural walking.  Plus, she gets to bounce a little when she isn't walking around and she likes that.  

Very excited about this walker-- just wish it wasn't a loaner.  Her PT said that if it works well for Elle, we can get some letters written to insurance about how they really should buy her one of her own................

Also kind of wish she would go forward in it (she has perfected backwards, but that doesn't help her much).

Go Tiny E, Go!


B said...

Yay Tiny E! Glad she gets a little bit of movement and bouncing without hating it! Now if she could just grasp the concept of forwards is better than backwards, you guys will be set! But I bet that handle will help that a bit. And look at those long legs!

Amy said...

That looks like a great walker. Maybe even helps take the place of her broken jump-a-roo since it's a little bouncy? She'll probably be running in it before long.